Legislation Information


In the United States, authority for regulating most forms of economic activity emerges from legislation at either the local, state or federal level. This includes regulation that impacts the design industry. ASID’s legislative policy supports regulation that expands practice opportunities while not limiting, restricting or preventing the practice of Interior Design.

ASID Legislative Policy 

ASID believes that legal recognition of our profession is best achieved through the enactment of legislation that:

  • Does not limit, restrict or prevent the practice of Interior Design.
  • Does not limit, restrict of prevent anyone from using the title “Interior Design” or “Interior Designer”.
  • Allows state-qualified Interior Designers to use the title “registered”, “certified” or “licensed” interior designer.
  • Allows state-qualified Interior Designers to perform additional services related to the practice of Interior Design as applicable governing jurisdictions deem appropriate for state-qualified Interior Designers to perform.

ASID supports the efforts of individuals to become recognized as certified, registered or licensed Interior Designers through the passage of state legislation. We urge chapters and coalitions to advocate for legislation that places no restriction on the use “Interior Designer” but does allow a pathway to creating expanded practice opportunities including full stamping, signing and permitting privileges.

National Action

Read about the “ALLOW Act” and how it is a threat to the profession of Interior Design and those who practice it. Write your US Senator, and tell them to support Interior Designer’s and NOT cosponsor the ALLOW Act.

Local Action 

IDC-Oregon has been the face of Interior Design Advocacy in the state of Oregon for the past 20+ years, serving as a coalition of the IIDA and ASID Oregon Chapters.  It has represented the Commercial Interior Design profession in Salem and attempted to pass legislation many times.  At the end of 2017, IDC-Oregon's Board of Directors voted to dissolve the organization.  

Both chapters will be rolling out committees that will be collaborating on future advocacy efforts. These committees will be open to all volunteers interested in advocacy, regardless of affiliations. ASID and IIDA urge their membership who are dedicated to advocacy efforts to join these committees and can be assured that their chapters will be supporting all advocacy efforts in Oregon.  

As we close the chapter of IDC-Oregon, we'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the many amazingly dedicated volunteers who poured their sweat, tears, and passion into the effort to pass legislation. The IIDA and ASID Oregon Chapters look forward to continuing to advocate for the profession. Stay informed on current legislative efforts, including the new interior design bill, and become a supporter today.

Government Affairs Chair

ASID Oregon chapter is currently searching for a Government Affairs Chair. The GAC will work with their chapter government affairs committee, chapter board of directors, the Government and Public Affairs Council (GPAC) members, and ASID headquarters government affairs staff to implement the chapter government affairs grassroots action plan. If you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out to president@or.asid.org.